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Nowhere in the data is the scale of the skills shortage more evident than the fact that just 44% of Members say they are adequately staffed. About the same number say they’re struggling to find skilled staff.

This situation is worse for some business types. Collision shops, in particular, are struggling to find good people. And the bigger the business, the harder it is to find skilled staff.

This chart puts into hard numbers what many Members have been feeling across the industry: it’s harder to find skilled staff today than it was even a year ago.

What's the good news?

  • 44% of Members say they’re adequately staffed, suggesting they aren’t being as negatively impacted by the skills shortage as others.

As in previous years, larger businesses are facing more staffing challenges than smaller businesses, particularly when it comes to finding skilled staff.

What's the good news?

  • Two-thirds of small businesses say they’re adequately staffed and just one in 10 has unfilled positions.

How badly Members are affected by the skills shortage varies widely depending on what part of the aftermarket they operate in.

What's the good news?

  • Auto-electrical Members are comparatively unaffected, with 57% saying they’re adequately staffed and just 17% having unfilled positions.
  • Four in five mobile mechanics report being adequately staffed (it’s worth noting 64% of mobile mechanics are one-person operations).